Body Temperature detection and Pandemic Control System.
– o4 Themal Body Temperature detections
– Accurate, automated temperature screening system
– Specifically designed and calibrated for skin temperature measurement
– Enables social distancing ​by using non-contact thermal imaging technology
– Rapid deployment, start screening in minutes
– Perfect for Hospitals, Clinics, Airports, lobbies, hallways, other key access points and high footfall public area.
– A simple screening system to help make us safer community
What is Thermo4?
o4’s innovative Thermo4 – Themal Body Temperature detection aimed at hospital, hospitality & service industry. We pride ourselves in offering state of the art products which help differentiate you from your competitors. Mixing good design with practicality, everyday problems are elegantly and efficiently solved.
A premium range of Themal Body Temperature detections, designed for use in most public places & help you detect staff, resident, visitors Body Temperature with ease.Evolving from our performance-proven of Thermo4 – Themal Body Temperature detection, that protected many organizations and institutions from H5N1 to COVID-19 coronavirus Identifies and tracks high Temperature individual o4 is innovative Themal Body Temperature detection, identifies and tracks high Temperature individual at any venue with large human traffic flow from the airports, hospitals, educational institutions, government facilities, rail, metro, bus stations, public events & places.
How it works
Thermo4 – Mass Fever Screening System scans is specifically designed and calibrated to deliver accurate skin temperature measurements while enabling social distancing protocols. In seconds, the system automatically detects a face, identifies the most reliable facial features for measurement, and displays an alert if someone is warmer than the customizable alarm temperature.
Unlike typical industrial thermal cameras, Thermo4 – Mass Fever Screening System scans was developed for precise skin temperature measurement and maximizes accuracy by referencing a fixed heat source with a known temperature value. Including a fixed heat source in the system lets Seek Scan produce much higher accuracy than a standard thermal imaging camera. The Seek Scan process provides an additional layer of preventive screening and can deliver more peace of mind to businesses, institutions and participants.
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Why do we need it?
In a world where global travel means infections can pass through populations fast, the ability to screen people for fever is a key tool in reducing the risk of disease spread. Thermal imaging system provides accurate and remote surface measurement of the human body (typically the face) automatically alerting the operator to potential risks. Most economical thermal imagers cannot achieve the necessary accuracy of measurement to detect the small changes induced by a fever but by comparing the thermal image with an extremely precise blackbody calibration source in real-time, system can provide accurate and reliable skin temperature
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Perfect for?
Hospital | Clinics | Health Care unit | Airports | School | University | Railway | Metro Station | Bus Station | Factory | Museum | Cafe | Restaurants | Hotels | Fast Food Industries | Commercial Locations | Malls | Banks | Spa | Salon | Saloon | Gym | Lounge | Tradeshows | Exhibition Center | Events | Outdoors | Book Shop | Public Library | Lobby Area | Flower Shop | School | Service Industries | Waiting Areas | Office | Meeting Rooms etc
What’s in the Box
Complete Solution


Body Temperature Measurement Camera

Sensitivity ≤40mK

Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 3.6 ~11mm motorized lens

On-board temp-detection algorithm

Accuracy +/- ≤0.3°C

Body detection, up to 45 Targets

Effective pixels

Response Time ≤ 30ms

Multiple color control

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