Provide Your Guests With Reliable Power For Their Mobile Devices o4 Chargers Exclusive Design Brings Easy To Use Charging To Your Location!

Customizable Branding

No need to limit yourself to one design! You can order an unlimited amount of background signage and easily swap the interchange to highlight different promotions.

Replaceable Charging Tips

Easily swap out the charging tips to suit you usage needs and power the devices your guests use most. The back panel The back panel can be removed for quick replacement.uick

UL Safety Certified

The power supply adapter is UL Safety Certified (E304160) and supports 2.1amp charging. Have peace of mind that this station will operate safely for years to come.

>90% Device Compatibility

Full-speed charging for most devices on the market including iPhones, Android phones, Amazon Kindles, and GoPro Cameras. Guests can even use their own USB charging cables.