Some Question Thats Commonly occurs in your mind.

Connecting my phone can i cause a short-circuit?

The sophisticated electronic circuit controlled by a microprocessor, Ensures That this can not happen.

How many phones can be connected simultaneously?

O4 few Model can support from 7 till 24 devices charge up at the same time

Can i also recharge a Tablet?

O4 is mainly intended for charging cell phones. It can anyway also charge tablets.

What are the phones that can be charged?

O4 has upto 24 different connectors for most popular mobile phones in MENA. Via the USB port, you can connect an additional cable for other devices. You can also charge many MP3 players, cameras ...

How long does it take to recharge the internal battery of O4 Chargers Products?

Approximately from 4 to 6 hours.

O4 Chargers can also be used in foreign countries?

The input voltage supply range from 110 to 220 V AC. so it works in any foreign country.

Can I have O4 Chargers customized with my logo?

Certainly. With a small surcharge for small quantities, free if over 100 pieces, and can be customized with your logo.

There is a danger of electrical shock using O4 Chargers?

Absolutely not! Operation at low voltage and is in no way possible to get a shock, even with the safeguards built into the electronics of the device.